Tips for Travelling with your Bike

Race #1 in Corner Brook is only a few weeks away. With 50+ riders from the St. John’s area making the trek across the island for the race, we thought it was a good idea to go over some tips for travelling with your bike.

  1. Book your accommodations in advance
    You don’t want to arrive in town with no place to stay. It’s a busy time of year on the west coast but there are still many options for accommodations. And make sure there is somewhere to safely store your bike. If you’re staying in a house or hotel, be respectful of other’s property and think about how you’re going to bringing your dirty bike in and out.
  2. Keep your bike secure
    Expensive bikes are often targets for theft, and there will be a huge influx of expensive bikes in Corner Brook for the race. Try to avoid leaving your bike unattended. If you absolutely have to leave it unattended, bring a good lock and use it. If leaving a bike in your car, try to cover it up and hide it from view. If you’re camping, use a tarp to cover up your bikes after they’re locked up. When locking your bike, make sure to run the lock through the wheels and the frame. Or even pop a wheel off and secure it somewhere else to deter someone from trying to ride away.
  3. Keep good records of your gear
    If something does happen to your bike, you want to be able to give as much information as possible to authorities to help track it down. Make sure you have a recent photo and record your serial number somewhere. This goes for more than just bikes too. Keep records and photos of all your expensive gear.
  4. Schedule your trip appropriately
    We recommend arriving at least a day in advance, especially if you want to practice prior to the race. It’s a long drive from St. John’s to Corner Brook (at least 7 hours) and we don’t think it’s a good idea to make that drive on the morning of the race. Don’t put yourself in a situation where a small delay could result in you missing the race. Also think about the return drive home since it will be late afternoon by the time the race is complete. We don’t recommend rushing to drive back across the island immediately after the race.
  5. Bring some tools and spare parts
    Cycle Solutions is one of our sponsors and they are a great shop. But they might be the only shop in the area offering bike repair services and they’re not open on race day. With an influx of people coming into town and riding hard, we don’t want to overload the shop on the Saturday before the race. Bring your tools and spare parts, and be prepared to make some basic repairs yourself if needed. And if you’re missing a specialized tool, shoot us a message and we will reach out to all participants on social media. There will be lots of riders in town and everyone should be willing to help each other out.
  6. Be prepared for any weather
    The race is going ahead rain or shine. We’ve had a great summer so far, but we don’t know what to expect on August 30. It could be blazing heat, so bring breathable clothing, lots of water, and sunscreen. It might rain, so bring a waterproof jacket and eye protection for the mud. It could even be cold, so make sure you have extra layers to stay comfortable.
  7. Don’t burn yourself out
    If you’re travelling for a few days for the sole purpose of riding your bike, it’s easy to think you’ll be riding all day every day. But this is an easy way to exhaust or injure yourself by riding way more than you’re used to. Know your limits and don’t exceed them. Takes lots of breaks. Spend some time off the bike and enjoy the non-biking side of Corner Brook. We can all enjoy the world class riding and be safe while we do it.

Race schedule coming soon

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